Occupational Health: Management referrals

Our team is on hand to support you through the referral process

Management referrals for occupational health (OH) typically involve recommending employees to an OH specialist to assess the physical or mental health of an employee.

The process is completely confidential with the primary aim of supporting the employee’s wellbeing.

Employers should consider a referral for OH advice for the following reasons:

  • advice for supporting employees experiencing physical and/or mental health issues
  • concerns around levels of sickness absence i.e. long-term or frequent sickness absence
  • performance issues (where health problems may be related)
  • return to work after long-term sick leave.

An occupational health assessment can provide objective information that can assist management in addressing these issues.

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Our team is on hand to support you through the Occupational Health Management Referrals process and can assist you with the following:

  • advice on whether an OH referral is appropriate
  • guidance on holding a discussion with the individual, employee consent and rights under the Access to Medical Records Act 1990 and GDPR 2018
  • support to complete the management referral form to ensure enough detail is included for an appropriate assessment to be made.

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