Occupational Health Referrals

We provide support and guidance on all aspects of occupational health referrals

Ensuring the wellbeing of your workforce is paramount to fostering a productive and thriving workplace. At Ashtons HR Consulting we provide support and guidance on all aspects of occupational health referrals.

Why Occupational Health Referrals are important

  • employee wellbeing: Prioritise the health and safety of your employees through specialised occupational health referrals, promoting a culture of well-being within your business
  • duty of care: Identify and address potential health risks early on, minimizing the impact on both individuals and the workplace environment
  • legal compliance: keep up-to-date with workplace safety laws, ensuring that your business meets all necessary requirements.

We work closely with dedicated and experienced occupational health professionals to streamline the occupational health referral process.

Our services include:

  • management referrals
  • medicals & fitness for work
  • health surveillance
  • managing mental health.

We aim to alleviate the pressure on your business by managing the safety of your employees. Our team are consequently on hand to support you through the referral process and can assist in the implementation of any necessary policies, to ensure compliance with current legislation.

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