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Our experienced team of HR professionals will become part of your team and give you the confidence that your people issues are being handled following HR best practice

At Ashtons HR Consulting, we understand that HR is incredibly important to your business, and that sometimes, you might need a little extra support in this area.

We are able to provide HR Consultancy support for a wide variety of clients, including companies without a HR team, stand-alone HR managers, or HR teams struggling with their current workload.

We offer our services on an individual project or a retainer basis. Our highly experienced team of HR experts will fast become part of your team, providing you will the utmost confidence that your HR needs are being managed according to HR best practices.

At Ashtons HR Consulting, we understand the significance of quality and compliant HR. When providing our HR consulting services, we’ll always listen to your concerns, and carefully explain our processes, helping you to make careful and practical decisions.

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We provide HR consulting in Bury St Edmunds, Norwich, Cambridge and Ipswich. You can contact your local office or fill in our online enquiry form.

Why choose Ashtons HR consulting services?

At Ashtons HR Consultancy, we have much experience providing outstanding HR support to a diverse range of businesses. When delivering our services, we always take the time to learn about your business and your HR needs, allowing us to provide personalised support.

Any questions that you have about the HR services you receive will be promptly addressed, ensuring that you understand the processes and your obligations.

When providing out HR consulting for small businesses, we collaborate with you, working diligently to offer true value to your company, and help your organisation to thrive.

We work with a team of external highly skilled HR consultants who are friendly and professional, always taking a client-focused approach. To learn more about our HR consultancy, please contact us at Ashtons today.

Our HR consulting services

Conducting staff appraisals

Staff appraisals can be an excellent way to engage people, helping your staff to set goals, and aligning these with your company priorities.

As part of our HR consulting service, we can help you to design an appraisal and personal development plan process for your staff, ensuring that this process suits both your company culture and your needs.

We can help you to develop the appropriate feedback procedures, and advise you on the best ways of dealing with poor performance.

For more information about conducting staff appraisals, please contact us.

Employee engagement initiatives

Research indicates that employee engagement has a positive impact on a business in many ways, from reducing turnover to increasing profitability and improving company culture.

As part of our HR consulting service, we can assist you with various employee engagement initiatives, including assisting you to develop fitting communication styles, offering advice on employee relations issues and improving business transparency.

Employee wellbeing

Investing in employee wellbeing results in increased retention and reduced absence levels, yet it’s not always easy for employers to know how and where to focus their efforts.

At Ashtons HR consulting, we can help you to develop and improve your employee wellbeing initiatives by providing supporting with strategy and assessment.

We can also provide leadership and management training themed on mental health awareness and resilience, and these programs can be personalised to suit your business.

HR interim support

Businesses might require HR interim support for many different reasons, whether your HR team are struggling to manage their workload, or your HR resource is temporarily away from the business.

With interim HR support, you can be sure that your company gets the support that you need. We understand that companies require flexible support, catered to their business needs, which is precisely what we can assist in being delivered.

Managing sickness and absence

Though sickness and absence is oftentimes unavoidable, it is nonetheless an area that requires careful management and monitoring.

Our HR consultancy firm can support you with advice and strategies to manage absence and sickness, saving your business time and money in the long run.

As part of this service we can review your current absence policies and procedures, helping you to improve these where necessary. We can help you to manage and chair capability meetings, as well as providing advice on long term absence.

Succession planning & talent management

Our HR management consulting includes support with succession planning & talent management.

If you need assistance with succession planning, we can work with you to identify the experience, skills, and behavioural drivers that you need to ensure the future success of your business, helping you to develop a related strategy.

Where you are looking for support with talent management, we can offer assistance with both recruitment and personal development, helping you to find the best individuals for your organisation, as well as supporting their personal growth once they are hired.

Disciplinary policies & procedures

At Ashtons HR consulting, we understand that disciplinary issues can be stressful to manage, and that employers will want to protect their interests, and their company.

We can provide support to ensure that your disciplinary policies and procedures are compliant with employment laws and the ACAS Code of Practice.

Whether you need support to draft new policies, review your existing ones, or legal support with a disciplinary case in progress, Ashtons can provide the practical help that you need.

Employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement surveys can be highly effective to understand and improve engagement, whether generally, or related to a specific initiative.

Our HR consultancy service can help you with employee engagement surveys in various ways, including designing a survey process to match your company needs, creating meaningful management reports from the survey results and handling responses as an independent facilitator.

Gender pay-gap reporting

Gender pay gap reporting is only compulsory for businesses with 250 employees or more, though companies with less than 250 employees can still benefit from gender-pay gap reporting.

Ashtons can support you with this area, providing all the information and guidance that you need.

Interviewing & recruitment support

When you’re running a business, choosing the right candidates is crucially important. Bad hires can cost your company both money and time, as well as negatively impacting your company culture.

We can provide much support in the area of interviewing and recruitment, including support to shortlist candidates, drafting personal specification and job specs, help with selection processes, and designing recruitment tests.

Dismissing employees

As an employer, you might need to dismiss an employee for a number of different reasons, and when you are doing so, it’s vitally important that you follow the correct processes.

When you work with Ashtons, we can train your line managers on how to handle disciplinary and dismissal processes. We can help you to ensure that your handbooks and policies are up to date and compliant, as well as supporting you to prepare Settlement Agreements where appropriate.

For advice dismissing employees, or general HR consultancy advice, please do not hesitate to contact our experts at Ashtons.

Employee relations & staff consultations

Where there are healthy and positive relationships between employees and their employers, this in turn drives engagement, and helps a company to meet its objectives.

Our Ashtons HR Consultancy can support you in this area in many different ways, including help to set up a staff consultation on committee, training the members as required, and advice and guidance on employee relations issues.

Grievance procedures & processes

When an employee raises a grievance, the situation can quickly become stressful for the employer, and it is crucial that such situations are correctly handled.

Ashtons can provide comprehensive assistance with grievance policies, for example, helping you to review your current grievance procedures and processes, and investigating grievance claims on your behalf.

Managing performance

Performance management is a vital part of building a successful company, but imaginably, the process must be handled delicately.

At Ashtons HR Consultancy we can assist you to create a performance management process that matches the needs of your company, ensuring that these processes comply with any relevant legal requirements and best practices.

For support with managing performance, please contact us for expert HR consulting advice.

Contact Ashtons HR Consultancy Service

For expert HR consultancy support, please get in touch with Ashtons HR Consultancy today.

We provide HR services in Bury St Edmunds, Norwich, Cambridge and Ipswich. You can contact your local office or fill in our online enquiry form.


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