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Case Study - Employee Investigations

Posted 08/12/2017 : By: Lucy Pakes

Sometimes a client will request our support as an independent investigator into either disciplinary or grievance issues. This can be helpful where the client wants someone who has had no previous involvement in a case or where they are too small a company to be able to deliver the required objectivity.

In a recent example, we were asked for advice on how to deal with an allegation of workplace bullying.

Once our employment lawyer had advised the client on the process to adopt and the associated risks, we were able to provide one of our experienced HR consultants to conduct interviews on site with the person making the allegation and other people who were witnesses, along with the alleged harasser. Alongside the Ashtons HR Consultant conducting the investigation, we provided a note-taker for all the meetings.

At the conclusion of the process the investigator provided written statements of each interview and a report for the client with recommendations on how to take the situation forward. The employment lawyer provided legal advice on the available options.

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